Mastering Your Higher-Self Course Via Zoom

What is the Mastering your Higher Self Course?

This course delves into who you truly are at your core and works to uncover and remove obstacles that may be holding you back from experiencing your full potential. This course  provides accountability, which allows you to stay “in action” even when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated. It's the hand that you hold while you embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.  During this course you will explore ancient wisdom that has been passed down by those evolved Masters that came before us, helping you see that everything you need to know is within you and your Higher Self.  This knowledge is the key to inner wisdom.

Some topics that will be addressed during the sessions are:

  • How to become clearer in your life’s purpose
  • Discover the authentic you that you were born to be
  • How to stop losing your energy to others.
  • Developing and strengthening your intuitive ability
  • Understanding the function of your mental, spiritual and emotional bodies
  • Learning how to experience the different dimensions of consciousness
  • Exploring the power of your thoughts and personal vibration
  • Building a stronger connection with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self
  • How to enter the quantum field so you may help heal yourself from dis-ease
  • Discover the authentic you that you were born to be
  • Stop losing your energy to others.
  • Learn how to enter the quantum field so to help heal yourself from dis-ease.
  • Clear out what is not serving you any longer
  • See and understand the Aura
  • Learn how to manifest what you desire
  • Understand thought forms, explore what is creating your reality.
  • Activate the Pineal Gland and the Eye of Horus
  • Become more consistent in your meditation practice
  • Override unconscious disruptive programming
  • Learn how to go through the ascension process with ease

How does it works?
This is a personal tailor-made 3 Level course. A breakdown of the 3 levels will be given to you during your first session. We will meet in person in my office or by Zoom. 
Through exercises, discussions and energy work,  we will explore deep-rooted beliefs that no long suit you and show you how to work with the laws of the universe to change them for a more positive outcome. You will emerge knowing your true self and understanding how to easily navigate through life's’ challenges.  Assignments are given to do in between sessions as to anchor what you have learned.

At some point during the month, you will receive an attunement  (either in person or long-distance) to help release energy stagnation that no longer benefit you and may be holding you back from moving forward. 

After completing level 2, you will qualify  to join the ongoing private Mastering Circles which meets once a month.  This circle will help you practice and put into action what you are learning  and build your community with other aware like-minded individuals.  

Is this course for beginners?

This course is highly customized for your specific level of spiritual development. Your knowledge and experience will be taken into consideration when customizing your course.

Is this course for me? 

This course is for you if you are committed to your spiritual growth and would like to ignite an empowering, loving confident and peaceful life within yourself.  

How much does it cost?

This is a 3 level course. The cost is $330 Per level, each level includes 3 Private 60 minute sessions. You pay per level
With flexible hours and payment, it is intended for you to go at your own pace with each level.

Great how do I sign up?

Clicking on the button below will direct you to a payment page where you will be able to schedule your first  one hour session with me. The other 2 sessions will be scheduled in person.

​I look forward going on this adventure with you. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to call me at 845-641-6247

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3 Private Customized Sessions – $330